Summer Lettering Workshops in Brooklyn

I'm super excited to announce that I will be hosting even more lettering workshops this summer! Join me for Watercolor Brush Lettering and/or Modern Calligraphy for Beginners!

If you've been wanting to learn the art of modern lettering, whether with a brush or nib, these are the classes for you. You'll learn and master the basics of both lettering techniques, while also developing your own style.

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Shop is now open!

Sigh of relief! My shop is now open! Although I have been creating wedding lettering for clients for awhile now, I've never gotten around to actually creating a shop...until now! I find this much easier, and it makes initial communication much faster since the client can already see what they'll be getting.

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Mantra | Shine

Boy! What a month! Did you know that 5 planets were in Retrograde in April? Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. We feel the effects of the planets closest to the Sun (Venus and Mercury) the most, as some of you may have already noticed. However, a planet in Retrograde is not necessarily a bad thing.

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01. Free For You | Endless numbered days

Free for you, a phone and computer screen download for you to ponder the mysteries of life as well....

Anyone remember the 2004 Iron & Wine album "Our Endless Numbered Days"? Hands down one of my favorite albums to date. Granted, I'm kind of stuck in the 90's and 00's, so most (if not all) of my favorite albums are from those (amazing) years.

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Shiny and new

So....the blog got a bit of a facelift! It's been long overdue, and just in time for the New Year! I've been thinking about changing my blog to focus more on my lettering practice. As you know, my blog now mostly focuses on lettering anyway, so I figured it was time for the full dive in. It's one of my passions and I sure am thankful to have this platform as a way to express myself creatively!

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Get clean (water!) | Best water filters

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about my #1 beauty regimen AND #1 most important thing to me throughout my every day: H2O!! Water water water! I am one of the biggest advocates for clean water. Our bodies are over 80% water, so it's no wonder why drinking water should be one of the most important ways to stay healthy and best care for yourself. Today, I wanted to talk about water filter pitchers and give you my review of a couple of options that I personally love and have been using on a daily basis.

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