Inspiration board: Pink floral mixture

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After going through my hating pink phase as an "anguished" and "emo" teen (haha), I have finally come full circle again to my childhood favorite color. Not only that, I am unknowingly attracted to the color pink in every sort of way - pink running shoes, pink hairbrush, pink scissors, pink x-acto knife, pink kindle cover, pink earplugs (yes, i know), green tea that comes in a pink tin can. Funny how life is, but I've come to embrace and accept all these little unexpected outcomes and slight changes in my life's daily behaviors and just go with it. So I'm embracing my love for pink, especially these dusty rose/carnation/petal colors!

TODAY'S TRACKS 1. Walking | The Dodos 2. Young and Beautiful | Lana Del Rey 3. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It | Stars . . .

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