The faintest of color: Passion for pastels

pastel sweater wood interior
exterior bedroom

Welcome to August, friends!  Crazy, right?  Whenever I feel like time is running away from me, I take a moment to breathe.  What's better than open spaces and the faintest of colors to make you feel renewed and refreshed?  Okay, a lot of fresh air, nature's scenery, dunking yourself into cool ocean water, shopping, eating some mint chocolate chip ice cream...but for the sake of today's post, don't these photos and pastels just make you feel lighter?

Today is all about lifting some of that weight off of your shoulders.  I know this all too well as I tend to carry most, if not all of my tension in my shoulders and find myself needing to physically and literally drop them.  It's easier to say that nothing is worth worrying and stressing out about but it's all about perspective.  Is it really worth it?  As we enter into the month of August, take a moment to breathe, relax, give yourself some space, leave your worries aside, and enjoy the day...heck, enjoy the moment that you are in, because time will only move forward. . . .

Bonneville, Utah, 2007

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