Must-have: H&M online store product picks

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Happy Monday, all! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Many of you may know this already, but H&M recently launched their online store last week! We don't have a store back home, so I know a lot of very happy people right now! The first time I stepped into an H&M was here in New York, but they're always so crowded that I never really shop there anymore. So it's nice to know that there's now an online option for me to get my H&M fix! I was especially excited to see a home section in their online store with some pretty nice finds and of course, affordable prices. I've shifted through it all and found my top 10 favorite pieces, check them out below! . . .

online h&m product picks 1. Patterned drawstring bag, $24.95 2. Bear motif knit cushion cover, $17.95 3. Straight-cut chiffon dress, $34.95 4. Storage basket, $9.95 5. Two-pack bunny rattles, $12.95 6. Clear glass bottle vase, $7.95 7. Dark brown ankle boots, $34.95 8. Imitation leather and suede combo shoulder bag, $24.95 9. Silver sequined cushion cover, $14.95 10. "NYC Railway" ceramic soap dispenser, $7.95