Color inspiration: Fall for bronze


bronze collage_ inspiration_ coco and mingo bronze jacket love

So last night was apparently 65 degrees F here in New York - seriously, it was kind of a cold one considering it's been so warm! I almost forgot what cold felt like...oh yeah, and then I remembered. Soooo, I guess it's officially the end of summer? Without me even realizing, I find that I've been drifting my color palettes towards transitional Fall palettes! Like today's bronze! I think it's such a great color and lovely touch of shimmer for Fall/Autumn to wear and to decorate your home with! That tote bag up there has got to be my favorite - go get yours at the Coriumi Etsy shop here.

And to get you even more excited for fall...and then Christmas...that gorgeous gold leaf bowl set you see up there?  It's part of a fantastic 2-part DIY Christmas magazine series put together by My Little Fabric and Stop by the Corner - all about DIY, budget friendly table decoration (made for Christmas, but I think it would look great for Fall, too!).  The beautiful photography and styling will definitely inspire you! Seriously, go check out the post here (and here to view the online magazine)!!

Welcome to Fall, everyone! . . .

l to r, t to b . flowers via Jen Huang Photography . gold bowl set via My Little Fabric . packaging via Lee Coren . succulent planters via Ladynow . tote bag via Coriumi . feathers via Smäm . metallic jacket via Shopbop