Be inspired: Woodland wanderings


woodland-series_coco-and-mingo The other day, the wonderful and sweet Latrina over at Of Trees and Hues, reminded me about all the beauty that can be found within my Woodland Pinterest boards (not to mention, Latrina's very own wanderlustings inspire me so!). Sometimes, I get so caught up in pinning that I forget about all the things I pinned previously! I took a moment to reminisce on all those photos and remembered that there are some really great ones that showcase the wonder and beauty of woodlands - you can get totally lost in them! To be surrounded by nature is the best feeling!

We have tropical rainforests back home, and they are tangible and familiar to me. I explore them all the time, and hiking is one of my favorite past times when I go home - the best part being that I don't have to worry about any dangerous plants or animals! Seriously - no snakes, no bears, no ticks, no poison ivy, no mountain lions! There is just something so magnificent, ominous, and unknown (and ok, maybe a little scary!) about mainland woodlands that really need more exploring on my part - I just need to get up the guts and go! Are you a camper and/or woodland wanderer? I'm looking for any tips and tricks! . . .

all photos can be found within my Woodland Pinterest board - go explore it!