Week / end: Favorite Instagrams of the week

Brrrr...It was a cold one last night here in Brooklyn...Super crazy!! Funny how summer just sort of turns an off switch and then bam! it's freezing - at least that's how my experience with the seasons have been so far here. Yay it's friday! Is it just me or did this 4-day work week go by ultra slow? Anyway, it's the weekend again, and there is much to be thankful for! So I joined Instagram only a couple months ago but since then, have realized what a great platform it is! I have discovered so many great Instagram-ers and am totally in love with my daily feed of beautiful photos from all around the world! You get to learn a lot about a person based on the photographs they take and the way they execute it in their editing style. Even better, I've found some really great blogs to follow after falling in love with the person's Instagram feed! Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite Instagram photos of the week from feeds I just love following - just take a look below and you'll know what I mean!

instagram picks_via Coco and Mingo

@stina_valensina @imartavargas @creaturefears @belindalovelee @irinahp @mylittlefabric . . .

Are we following each other on Instagram yet? I'd love to be friends! @hello_crow

hello_crow via instagram

Enjoy your weekend, I hope you have something beautiful in store!