Nature lover: A botanical study

Botanical study_coco and mingo Have you guys visited [10¹²] TERRA shop before? I came across Fig. 3 above and am smitten with this online Japanese store featuring terrariums and showcased plants. I'm still delighting in my nature kick from two weekends ago when I did some exploring and hiking upstate, and I'm naturally an all around plant lover. As a child, we didn't have any pets because my dad was allergic, so instead, my favorite thing to do when we went on family trips to Home Depot (seriously) was ask my parents for a new flower or plant - usually a small cacti of some sort, something that I could take care of - you know, that instinct you have as a child (was it just me?) - and since I couldn't have a pet, a plant was the next best thing...oh and dolls.

My apartment here in Brooklyn doesn't quite have the space for plants but I would ideally love to have as much as I can in my future home! Right now I have a bamboo plant but I'd love to add some succulents to my collection since they're all pretty easy to care for, and I've always had a thing for them! . . .

fig 1 . fig 2 . fig 3 . fig 4 . fig 5 . fig 6 . fig 7 . fig 8 Photo of girl (unknown - does anyone know the designer?)