Week/end: Bittersweet and Breaking Bad

Breaking bad series finale_coco and mingo I usually end the week with my favorite Pins and links but all I'm really interested in right now is the upcoming series finale of Breaking Bad this Sunday!! Yup, I'm one of the many superfans out there so today you'll just have to endure a Bittersweet and Breaking Bad-ish inspired post. So sorry in advance for the semi-depressing fave-Pins up there. There's eety beety throwbacks to the show in each of the pins above, so if you get it, Congrats - you're a superfan!

Any of you guys on the same page as me with having this as like, the best television show out there right now?! I still have a little catching up to do (about 2 episodes) so no spoilers, friends! Anyway, this intense show has got me crying out loud, my anxiety through the roof and my mind racing, but I love it! I sure will miss that Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman...And to hold all you fellow crazy Breaking Bad fans over until the finale, I've got some great links before this bittersweet ending (continue below)...

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Breaking bad series finale

Without giving too much away:

♥ Buzzfeed's hilarious 33 Greatest Mysteries on Breaking Bad...solved? ♥ Are you new to Breaking Bad and want a crash course before the finale? (Alert: spoilers!) ♥ 16 cool props you can buy from the show ♥ The finer moments from my favorite character, Jesse Pinkman ♥ "Better Call Saul" - spin-off coming! ♥ Jimmy Fallon's funny parody ♥ 12 most jaw-dropping "Breaking Bad" momentsHere's your chance to be Heisenberg for Halloween (only $31,400) ♥ Finally, Emmy winners!

Have a "Breaking Bad" weekend, friends!! *hehehe

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