Inspired by: Beauty in the ordinary


inspired by ordinary beauty_coco and mingo My #1 favorite thing to ask people (especially other creatives) is "What are you inspired by?" The list is never ending and I know how hard it is to sum up just a select few on the spot. Family is most important as my inspiration, but in a different sense I'm always curious because as creatives, we see the world in a different way. My eyes are always open wherever I go and I see beauty and inspiration in so many ordinary things around me. Whether it's the scalloped-shaped shingles on the side of an apartment building, the way the neighborhood kids sit outside the coffee shop in their trendy clothes, the way the seasonal vegetables are lined up in baskets outside the grocery stores, the color of the sunlight and the shadows it casts at a particular time of day, or the elderly man sitting on the stoop who has watched this neighborhood grow throughout his years. These are all things I see in my daily walk home and more.

Here are a just a few beautiful things that I'm inspired by:

Nature // How grand nature can be! It takes me by surprise and blows me away each time I revel at how nature exists in this world. The ocean, for instance - my mind cannot even fathom it's extent! Magic // ...In the little things such as the way sunlight hits the air particles. Creatures // I am speechless at how beautiful and amazing the creatures of this world are. They are what keeps our ecosystem in check and our hearts open and warm. Places // To travel the world and experience the beauty of foreign places would be a dream come true. So many beautiful places and architecture awaits, like this little Italian village via The Fresh Exchange!

What are some everyday things that you are inspired by? . . .

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