New York Street Art: Banksy

Banksy street art, new york city, coco and mingo Ever heard of Banksy? You know, that (in)famously anonymous British graffiti artist known for his intricate stencil images with ironic socio-political content?* Whose work usually goes for six figures at art auctions? He also directed and starred (although never showing his face) in 2010's Exit Through the Gift Shop. Well, he's here in New York this month for his "Artists Residency on the Streets of New York." You may have already heard all the buzz, but this past Saturday, unknowing to the public, he set up a stall in Central Park selling his graffiti art pieces for $60/piece - genuine and signed. No, seriously - check out the video from his website here.

Total paintings sold: 8. Who: 3 lucky lucky people (one woman negotiated 2 paintings down to half-price!). Total cost of all 8 paintings: $420, although worth much much more. It literally was the ultimate fake-out, no one had a clue! And okay, so I wasn't even in Manhattan on Saturday (I stick around Brooklyn on the weekends), but still. I could've been there. And bought these. And then have hold of priceless piece(s) of art from a famous graffiti artist. And if I had bought it, I don't think I would even sell it. Aw man!

Be sure to keep up with all of Banksy's happenings here in New York on his website!

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