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Hi friends! I'm so excited to introduce Tristan from Besotted today on Talk/Shop! You may already be familiar with her wonderful blog, which is a major source of both inspiration and coveted resources for those of you interested in hand lettering, typography and the prettiest fonts out there. I admire the way she dedicates her work to helping to keep this art alive! Her Etsy shop, Besotted Brand, sells the most gorgeous stamps (and customizable!) - so perfect for a holiday, wedding, or personal gift! (Check out my favorites below!) I just loved getting to know Tristan and her shop a bit more here on Talk/Shop, and I know you will too! Continue below and find out what fantastic advice she has for those of you starting out with hand lettering:

Talk Shop: Besotted Brand on Coco/Mingo . . .

Why did you start your shop and how did you get into hand lettering and stamp-making? I started my shop because I wanted a creative outlet that encompassed all of my interests-design, merchandising/styling, photography, branding and of course packaging! My shop tagline is 'purveyors of fine design' so my goal is to continue to add more categories (jewelry, home, apothecary, etc.).

As a designer I have always had an affinity for typography, when I decided to try my hand at lettering I found that there were hardly any resource available so I started scouring the internet for help and sharing what I have learned and in turn building the confidence to create my own hand.

Stamping is a very old printing process and has been commandeered by the crafty world, I wanted to take it back as a legitimate printing process such as letterpress printing, if done right with quality materials the results are sublime!

What's the best thing about owning your own small business? Being on 24 hour inspiration mode, everything around me inspires me- a texture, a color, an image. I love that my mind is so highly tuned in to my environment.

Your blog and shop are big inspirations and resources when it comes to hand lettering and typography - any advice you can give for those who are starting out? Yes, go through my archives! I am on a mission, I do not want lettering to be a fad and I do not want it to disappear so I actively pursue resources and interview lettering artists that share their secrets. I am absolutely transparent on where and how to get started. One thing people that want to do modern calligraphy should do (in my humble opinion) is take a traditional calligraphy class in their area, learning the basics of letterforms and how to hold a nib holder are invaluable tools in getting you to the next level of developing your own modern hand. So many people just want to jump in and do the modern styles, but without a foundation I think it makes it a lot harder. Also, PRACTICE, before I was pregnant I would practice 1-2 hours a night!

Talk Shop: Besotted Brand on Coco/Mingo

What are your future goals? Personal, well I am becoming a Mother this year, so that's a pretty enormous goal and accomplishment for me! I also have huge plans for next year, but they are top secret but I shall reveal soon!

Any tips for juggling work/life balance? (Especially with a new baby on the way, Congratulations!) Well, first for all those that are becoming new mothers your brain will go awry, so my advice is use as many devices and methods as you can to remind yourself of what needs to be done. I was so used to just remembering or jotting down a little note, now, I write it down, plug it into my Google calendar AND have notifications sent to my iPhone. It seems excessive but I promise that it will take all of that and more to know what to get done. I also am practicing shutting down after dinner and no computer. I am a workaholic by nature and I need to just step away from the computer, technology, the world at large and try to take some me time and read, relax, etc. before baby arrives!

What inspires you? What doesn't inspire me? I have an affinity for texture, nature, typography, books, food, music, photography, the list seems endless!

Current obsession? Josie Maran's new everything creme balm, the smell is divine (tangerine essential oil), it's an all natural multi-tasker and a tiny, tiny bit goes a long way!

Favorite daily reads in the webosphere? My current daily stops are Instagram and Pinterest, I can't go a day (or hour) without a peek!

Other shops you’re inspired by? I adore Assouline, never ending eye candy, inspiration and great collectibles! . . .

Check out my favorites from Besotted Brand: 1 // Seal Stamp 2 // 'Celebrate' hand stamp 3 // Big heart rubberstamp 4 // Deer silhouette holiday stamp 5 // Custom logo stamp 6 // 'Made with Love' calligraphy stamp 7 // Flourish rubberstamp 8 // Silhouette hand stamp 9 // Twine trio

Thank you, Tristan!! It was so great having you! We wish you the very best in everything that you do! Really looking forward to what you have in store for the new year!

Psst: She's offering free shipping on all orders over $40 (international too!). Use coupon code FREESHIP02. Good until 11/08/13.

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