Finding that work/life balance

Get a better work/life balance_coco and mingo Last night I had an "aha" moment - if that's what you can call it.  I've been struggling with my work/life balance ever since I started this blog. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I've turned into a crazy workaholic! So, my "aha" moment struck me like a baseball bat last night at 3:00am as I was cleaning my bathroom (yes, you heard me right, I was scrubbing my shower at 3:00 in the morning and realized what a crazy woman I was). I'm a busy bee all the time. My nose is always in the computer, and making lists, and thinking of what's next in my head. But at the same time, I've created a lot of really amazing moments because of my ability to be creative on this blog!

If you're anything like me, here are 3 ways you can start the shift towards a better work/life balance in the blogging world (and what I'll be trying out from now on!):


Like Sarah over at One Sweet Tuesday said in her wonderful post, I need to start thinking "Is this really a priority for me?" And then continue to re-evaluate my priorities of 'What I need to do' vs. 'What I want to do'


The way I've been scheduling my week has been M-F working non-stop with my full-time job and blog work (hours 11am-3am, 5 blog posts a week), with weekends off (mostly), away from social media, spending time with my boyfriend and friends, and enjoying life. Still, this doesn't leave me with much "me" time - I can't tell you the last time I worked out besides sporadic lunges and squats while waiting for my photos to upload, or while I'm on my way to the bathroom. I used to take at least an hour a day for power yoga and meditation. It's time to get that back!


Think about "What will make me truly happy?" Is it staying up until 3am working on tomorrow's blog post or taking the day off? Is it working on the weekend or spending time with friends/boyfriend?

4 // RELAX!

The reason why I'm up until 3am is I can't seem to relax! My heart is always pounding with "Must Work" mentality (robot?). The reason why I was so much more relaxed when I was back home in Hawaii was because of my environment - I had the beach and rainforest to escape to (also a car). But here in New York, work has become comforting. I need to get back into relaxing with some yoga, and a nice night of watching a good movie or reading a book, drinking some hot tea, and snuggling up in bed early.

Happy Friday, friends!! Enjoy your weekend and take some time out to relax! ♥ . . .

photo via Coco/Mingo

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