Inspired by this week: Travel, Puerto Rico

Inspired by travel: Puerto Rico via Coco and Mingo Happy Monday, friends! Welcome back - hope your weekend went well!! the moment of this post, I may or may not be in Puerto Rico...okay, I am!! (promise, not rubbing it in or anything!) A much needed weekend getaway to the island of Puerto Rico this past weekend, and it came at just the perfect time (i.e. did you read this post?!) Obviously, it's been on my mind all week as I counted down the days, thus this is what I was inspired by this past week!

PUERTO RICO // I'll tell you all about it when I get back tomorrow, but I've heard it's similar to Hawaii. So looking forward to it!

SUN // This week I've been freezing my butt off here in NYC! I saw a photo from Jess on Instagram that it was snowing where she is! Okay, seriously?! It's too early for that!

SURF // I'll only be in PR for the weekend, but hopefully I've got time to get some surf into my jam-packed schedule! BEACH TOWNS // I love beach towns. They always make me feel like I'm home!

Enjoy the start of your week, friends, and I'll see you back here tomorrow! ♥ . . .

Puerto Rico . sun . surf . beach town

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