Wish list: Etsy tropics and free spirits

Happy Monday! Boy, the weekend just flew by! Such exciting news - Thank you to all who entered my Birthday Bash Giveaway last week! I hope to have more of those wonderful giveaways in the future for all of you! Check out who won here!

Well, today I've got another Wish List for you, Etsy style. I'm off to Hawaii in exactly 9 days for my once a year trip home, this time for the Thanksgiving holidays! It'll be the first time in almost 3 years that I'll be spending Thanksgiving with my family - crazy, right? I don't know how I do it sometimes! Don't even get me started with being away from home for the Christmas holidays! Anyway, so since that's quickly approaching, I can't help but be caught up in the nostalgia that is my home and its free sprited-ness. Check out what I got below: . . .

Tropics and Free Spirits_Etsy_Coco and Mingo

Tropics + Free Spirits list

1 // 1930s Antique Map of Hawaii via Reclaimer 2 // Japanese Origami Wooden Crane Magnets via Havok Designs 3 // Sequin Disc Gradient Beaded Necklace via Kim Dulaney 4 // 8x10 "Free Spirit" Print via The Love Shop 5 // Handmade Porcelain Bowls via Urban Cartel 6 // Vintage French Electrical Fan via French Attic Finds 7 // Ombre Wood Veneer Lolita Heart Sunglasses via Tumbleweeds Handcraft 8 // Brocade and Leather Floral Print Clutch via DDSLL Girls Store

. . .