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So I've got some exciting things happening on the blog starting next week! As many of you know, I'll be traveling back home to Hawaii next Wednesday, Nov. 20 and I won't be back until Dec. 9 (10-hour non-stop flight, here I come!). But don't fret! Thanks to the help of my dear friends and fellow bloggers, I've got tons of really great guest posts lined up that you don't want to miss! Seriously, some new + exciting + beautiful posts that I just can't wait to share with you, so be sure to stick around! Plus, I'll be popping in every once in awhile to say Hello! I apologize in advance for not being around the blog-o-sphere during these next few weeks (you know I just love my daily blog reading!) But I invite you to keep up with me on Instagram where I'm sure to be posting lots of warm-weathered photos for your enjoyment!

love quote_coco and mingo

Now, on to the more important + serious stuff:

The devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines has hit close to home for me, being a fellow Pacific islander. With thousands of fatalities and crippling devastation throughout, it is times like these that we need to take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for our precious lives and the people in it. It is also times like these that we need to lend a helping hand and rise up together to help those in need. Click here, here, or here to find out how you can help and where to donate, or check out the links below. Remember, every little bit counts!

World Food Programme


Salvation Army


Doctors Without Borders


Save The Children

The International Rescue Committee

International Medical Corps

Team Rubicon

The Philippine Red Cross

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Enjoy your weekend, see you back here on Monday!

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