GP03: DIY Marble Coasters // Victoria of Oh So Pretty

DIY Marble Coasters_OSP_CM Hello Coco/Mingo readers! Victoria here from Oh So Pretty! I'm so happy to help Jess with a guest post as she's back at home with her family and hopefully getting lots of rest and relaxation!

I love handmade gifts so I was trying to think of what to make Jessica for her birthday. I know she loves drinking tea and just recently got some succulents so I wanted to make her some coasters she could use.

DIY Marble Coasters_OSP_CM

This is a very easy DIY - all you need are:

// Marble tiles (can be found at your nearest hardware store) // Paint // Hot glue gun // Cork board

You may want to find non-coated marble tiles. If not, make sure you use a primer before you paint and use a sealer after it dries. Then you glue a piece of cork board underneath and you're done! Let us know if you make some and share the photos with us!


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All photos via Oh So Pretty


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