2014 // Wishes and Resolutions + guest post

Happy New Year, friends!!! I hope the year is starting off wonderfully for each of you! I thought that it would be fitting to start the new year off with some wishes and resolutions. To tell you the truth, I've never been a "making resolutions" type of person, but for some reason I feel in the spirit this year!

To help myself with this (and all of you as well), I'm taking part in #making2014count, created by the likes of In Honor of Design, Small Fry Blog, Casey Wiegand, Kelli Murray, Little Baby Garvin, Summer Saldana, and Oh Dear Drea - by answering the following sentence: "I will make 2014 count by..."

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I will make 2014 count by... Having the courage to follow my dreams (no matter how absurd they are!) To do so, I live by quotes (as many people do!), and the one above will be my mantra for the 2014 year. "Everything you can imagine is real." The sky is limitless. Dreams are possibilities. As scary as that is, here is my (short list) of dreams and resolutions for 2014:

// business Ever since I was in college, I wanted to one day start my own shop that tailored to my passion for hand lettering, typography, and paper products. This year, my big goal will be finally opening up business! So stay tuned and follow along with me!

// yoga I've put my yogi self on the back burner these past couple of crazy months, but with the new year, she's coming back! The ability to grow in strength, flexibility, breath and yoga postures is a life long passion of mine.

// travel Travel outside of the country. I've never been, so this is the year to start! I've got my passport ready, so here I come! Also, I plan to take more travels within the U.S. I'd love to explore the Northeast more!

// happy Follow happiness. It may sound as easy as it looks, but it isn't! I hope this to be my true discovery this year.

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Want this as your 2014 mantra too? Print this quote to remind yourself daily!

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How will you make 2014 count? Follow and contribute with #making2014count!

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P.S. I'm also over at my sweet friend, Jacquelyn's spot on the Internet today! Find me talking about home entertaining for the new year over on the beautiful Lark & Linen - Go and check it out here and say hello!

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Enjoy your weekend!!

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