Valentine's DIY // Heart-shaped tea

Happy Monday! I feel like it's about that time...for a Valentine's Day post. I thought hmmm...maybe it's too early? But I feel like we all need a few weeks to prepare for the day anyway, so why not start brainstorming now? I'm not such a lovey dovey Valentine's Day girl, I'd much rather celebrate amongst my best friends. BUT for some reason, I was über inspired this year - yup, watch out, it's gonna get pink and hearts up in here these next couple weeks! I've got 4 (yes, four) super easy Valentine's DIY's that I can't wait to share with you all. There's really nothing better than a handmade Valentine's gift. And what's best is that they're totally doable for not just your significant other, but your bff's and family too!

So it's no secret that I love tea. Sometimes I'll experiment and make my own blends - there are so many different combinations that you can come up with when you buy loose leaf tea! I also like adding rose buds if I feel like a sweeter, floral kind of mood (it tastes great when honey is added and cooled for iced tea - definitely a favorite during summer). I thought it would be a great gift to give for Valentine's Day - make your own tea blend in a heart-shaped tea filter! And then send them on their way with some pretty packaging. ♥


// large tea filters (like this one)
// your favorite tea selection and blends
// needle
// white cotton thread
// scissors
// decorative paper + paint (for tea string paper tab)

For gift packaging:

// baker's twine (I used this one)
// labels (I used this one)
// tin canister (like this one)
// pen

Sew the shape of the heart onto the tea filter (either with a machine or hand - I sewed mine by hand using a backstitch to ensure leaves wouldn't escape). Leave enough space to cut about 1/4" edge around the stitched shape. Leave about a 1" opening at end to fill with tea leaves (about 2 tsp. depending how big the bag is and how much tea it can hold). Use pre-made blends or experiment making your own tea blend! Sew heart shaped tea filter shut. Sew a looped string at top.


. . .

All photos and hand lettering by me

. . .