Winter essentials // Affordable, comfy, cozy

comfy winter essential fashion I woke up unexpectedly yesterday to...yes, a snow storm. Those mornings are always crazy - like when it's unexpectedly sunny after days of gloomy weather. Or a snow storm after I thought the weather was just starting to get a tad bit warmer. Nope - just goes to show that winter is not letting up anytime soon - at least for us here in the Northeast!

Well, I've been living in sweaters all winter so far, and I will continue to live in them for the remainder of the season! I'm all about warmth and comfort - exactly like my favorite affordable winter essentials above (each are way less than $50)! Next to sweaters, I've also been living in those comfy Uniqlo pants - whenever I find a perfect fit in pants, I buy multiple pairs - am I the only one who does that? (above, below are similar from Target)


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