Field trip // Etsy sweet gifts

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, are you searching for sweet gifts to give your loved one(s) (i.e. friends, family members, significant other)? I came across Field Trip on Etsy and thought that the beautiful iPhone cases and prints would make the perfect little Valentine's gift!! Shop owner, Amy (btw, she's one of the sweetest people ever!!) has created a wonderful selection of products in all your favorite colors and prints - whether it's gold + pink touches, personalized monogramswood grain prints, and  vintage or tribal - you're sure to find something everyone will like! I mean, seriously - how cute are those heart iPhone cases below?! Field Trip_Etsy_Valentine's Day gifts

Field Trip_Etsy_Valentine's Day gifts


I'm based in Vancouver, BC Canada. I grew up in the country and that has stuck with me my whole life! Now I live in the city and that's influenced me in totally different ways. Happily - where I live is close to some of the most beautiful nature trails in the world - so I feel really lucky to have the best of both worlds here.

I'm a self taught designer and I am so inspired by living a creative life, and the creativity of other designers and makers around the world. I feel lucky to be able to make a living doing what I love.


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P.S. I'm off to the great state of Colorado this weekend for a mini-vacay with a few of my bff's! So excited! I'll be back on Tuesday but I've got a nice Valentine's Day post scheduled for Monday so look out for it - enjoy your weekend, friends! ♥
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