February Wallpaper // Follow your heart

February desktop wallpaper download It's the month of love. Ok - super cheezy, but whatever. You all know it's true no matter how much we love or hate it! I got a ton of requests asking if I could provide a monthly calendar download like I did for January, so here it is, and I'll try to make this a monthly recurring thing as much as I can. Also, I downloaded them myself and realized how much of a help it was to have a calendar right there as your wallpaper for easy access and reference!

Following your heart doesn't just apply to this month - it's a daily mantra for me! I tend to analyze...like, a lot. But when it comes down to it, most of my choices are based on what my heart tells me to do! ♥

Are you the type of person who follows your heart or your head?

February calendar_ipad download_wallpaper





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