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You know what puts a huge smile on my face? When I know that companies I support do good in this world. You already know that I'm a big advocate for natural and cruelty-free products. In addition, I also love supporting companies that make an effort to give back to the community. It makes me feel good about my purchase! This is why I've kind of been super obsessed with Given Goods Co. - every single one of their products in their shop gives back. With every purchase, you get a meaningful shopping experience - with a back story about the product and exactly where a percentage of your purchase will be going towards impacting the global community. Not only do I love Given Goods Co. for what they do, but I have to say, they've got a beautiful selection of home, dining + accessory products!

Just check out where some of my favorite purchases will be giving back:

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quote_GG Every product on Given Goods gives back through one of three methods, to one of four causes. When a product is purchased, a tangible good is given to someone in need, a percentage of the sale from the purchase is donated to a predetermined charitable cause, and/or a sustainable and life-improving employment opportunity is created in an under-served community.

Every product on Given Goods supports global causes, both domestically and abroad, to improve health, education, the environment, and/or economic development.


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