What will be, will be

Inspirational quote

I'm a firm believer that "what will be, will be", and it's a daily mantra for me. Reason being, as calm and zen-like as I may come across (*wink*), I'm still kind of a control freak. How many of you have resolutions of becoming more "present" and "mindful" in your daily lives?

Becoming more aware (i.e. "present", "mindful") is something that I work on everyday. Let me tell you, it's not easy. To grasp control of your mind and snap it back to focus on the present, rather than, let me see...what you're going to be doing this upcoming weekend, or that phone call you need to make in an hour, the post you need to create for tomorrow, or the lingering feelings about that work presentation you did yesterday...it's never ending, really!

However, it is during those stressful times that I'm worrying about the future is when I know I need to stop and make it a point to re-focus my mind. Instead of trying to "control" my future (or so I think I can) based on my actions, I center myself - and instead of focusing on (and stressing about) the future, I bring myself back to what is happening here, now, present. This usually involves me running to the bathroom in the middle of work (yes, I admit it's my quiet space...thank goodness my work has a pretty nice and clean bathroom), where I'll sit there with my eyes closed, taking meditative breaths, and whispering to myself "what will be, will be" (of course, this is all pending if there's no one else there to ruin my moment). And you know what? I emerge feeling refreshed, more focused, present, and mindful.

What are some steps you take to become more mindful and present in your everyday routine?

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