Birthday love with Jet Pens

Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Yesterday was the birthday of one of my most favorite people in the whole world - my little sister! Gosh, she's several years into college but I still think of her as my forever 16 year old baby sis! I'm sure those of you with younger siblings know what I mean! Anyway, I took this as the perfect opportunity to test out these new pens I received from Jet creating her birthday card! As most of you know, I always hand make birthday cards for loved ones and friends - something just as simple as that always shows how much you care!

I just had to rave about these Kuretake Zig CocoIro letter pens - they are seriously fantastic! They immediately caught my eye when I saw them online and once I tested them out, they immediately stole my heart (and ranking amongst my favorite pens!) How fun is this - the pen body (which comes in lots of super cute colors) comes separately from the pen refill so you can super easily mix and match and/or swap out refills while using the same body! I got the Kuretake Tegami Brush Tip refill which is a great "brush" texture pen, the Kuretake Tegami Super Fine Lettering Tip refill, and the Kuretake Zig Super Fine Lettering refill. What I love most about the super fine lettering refills are that they are perfect for details without being too delicate, and all while having great, steady ink flow. Not to mention, they are perfect for my style of hand lettering. I created all the hand lettering in these photos using mostly the super fine lettering pens.

. . . Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Jet Pens Kuretake hand lettering

Also, shout out to my sweet friends Becka and Nathan over at the wonderful Yeobo blog who are totally on the same inspirational wavelength as I this week! We were all feeling this same motivational quote this past weekend! It is also the quote/card which I ended up sending to my sis as her birthday card. ♥

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." C.S. Lewis

. . . Pen refills: Kuretake Tegami Super Fine Lettering Tip, Kuretake Zig Super Fine Lettering Tip, Kuretake Tegami Brush Tip CocoIro Pen Body colors: Sakura Pink, Snowy White, Light Blue

. . .