we love local // West Elm small business grant


Calling all U.S.-based designers, artists, movers shakers and makers! I wanted to help spread the word about the fantabulous things that West Elm is doing to help support local small businesses! Oh, just another reason to love West Elm! By the end of 2014, they'll be incorporating more local assortments in 23 locations across the country as well as - check it out - you can enter here to win a $25,000 small business grant! One grand prize winner will not only win the grant money, but West Elm will provide that lucky person with development assistance such as key business insight, training and support, as well as the chance to be included in their store product assortment...how lucky, right?!

Check out the video above as well as West Elm Local Grant for more information, entry dates (ends Sept. 9), and applications. Good luck!!

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Now, to kick off the weekend with a video/song from a super talented Hawaii individual (and so fitting for this post): I believe in you.


Happy Friday! xo

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Video via West Elm on YouTube.

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