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creative collective giveaway, 45 wall design, primecut, lint and honey, cocorrina, of trees and hues One of my favorite things to do here on the blog is introduce you to some of my favorite products, brands, designers, and stores. Well, today I'm teaming up with two of my best gal pals, Trina and Corina, to share with you our own current favorite designers, stores, and finds! And what better way than to offer one great collective giveaway?!

We'll each be featuring the brand and/or designer that we've paired with on our blogs with a fun Q&A, so be sure to check out Of Trees and Hues and Cocorrina for all the details and inspiration behind 45 Wall Design and Primecut Bags!

Yeah - you got it right - one super lucky reader will win all of this: mini hearts tea towel and scales throw pillow by LINT and HONEY, two ring bowls and a pair of raw concrete gems by 45 Wall Design, and a small spotted pouch by Primecut Bags! Continue to enter to win via Rafflecopter!

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Lint and Honey, home furnishings, home decor and textiles

Since moving to my new apartment recently, I've kind of been obsessed with all things home decorating. One of my favorite new designers and stores that I've fallen in love with has been LINT and HONEY. Andrea is the brains and creative talent behind LINT and HONEY (in addition to being the absolute sweetest gal!), and her design aesthetic and home goods are all right up my alley (so hard to choose a favorite!) - with a collection consisting of the cutest throw pillows, wall art, and soon-to-come kitchen textiles.

Keep scrolling to A) get to know LINT and HONEY and B) enter the giveaway!

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Creative Collective Feature: Meet Andrea of LINT and HONEY:

// Introduce yourself!

Hello! I’m Andrea, Chief Lint Collector (aka designer and founder) of LINT and HONEY...a range of perfectly imperfect designed textiles and paper goods for the home. I live in Toronto, Canada with my 2 pups: Link and Yoshi. And I always have room for dessert.

// How did LINT and HONEY come about?

Where a love for home design/décor started: Growing up, I would constantly be rearranging the furniture, books and toys in my room. I loved how with every re-arrangement, you would get a different feel/mood. Every change and edit was like a fresh start and a new perspective. My parents also told me I would marry an this led to an unhealthy amount of daydreaming about my fabulous future home.

Fast forward to my working days...

-Freelance freedom: After working in ad agencies for several years, I quit my full time job as a digital art director and went freelance. This gave me the opportunity to support myself while I figured out what I REALLY wanted to do. I knew whatever I ended up doing, it still had to be about design. I had this undying urge to create physical products and develop a brand that would give me the opportunity to design just about anything I wanted to.

Landing on pillows: When I first went hunting for décor (and specifically pillows) for my own home, I found that many of the designs I came across were too perfect and symmetrical (for my liking)...all the lines were so straight! I really wanted to find prints that had a freeness and irregularity about them: patterns that were more random, alive, and not so serious. It was then that I realized that a pillow; this simple square form, was a really great way for me to apply this design approach to a décor piece. It would fulfill both functionally and artistically. It became my blank canvas.

// What's the story behind the name?

I am a fan of uncommon pairings and I think that is why my search ultimately led me to this lovely little juxtaposition of a name.

Lint represents: The unique and unusual - tangled up in all that we do to make sure life never gets too serious Humor The raw materials/base/ingredients of any creation The perfect imperfections that exist all around us that makes everything unique and precious

Honey represents: The pure and delicious style infused into every creation - clinging all those bits of lint together The love that goes into every design The feminine

Lint and Honey, home furnishings, home decor and textiles

// You've got a new collection coming out mid-late October! What was the inspiration behind the new pieces?

Yes I’m very excited! There are 2 new collections coming out...

Wildflower Collection (pillows): Is a 2-part collection named after sweet and aromatic Wildflower honey. Wild: inspired by travels in mysterious exotic lands. Flower: inspired by sweet whimsical romances.

Cheffette (kitchen series): Is all about “prepping pretty”. It’s a collection of kitchen textiles inspired by a passion for cooking with style and presentation.

// What's your favorite piece/design in the shop?

Eeeekkk favorite? Favorite is so hard! The “Busy Bee” art print because it has such a strong tie to my childhood (a nickname given to me by my principal in kindergarten) We’re such nostalgically driven creatures! Aside from nostalgia, from the current collection, I’d have to say the “scales” pillow. It’s a twist on the typical ”scalloped” pattern. I love that our version is so irregular and natural...really mimicking how it truly is in nature...every little scale a little different.

Lint and Honey, home furnishings, home decor and textiles

// What's your creative process like when it comes to a new design?

Ideas come from: Daydreaming/Observing/Living/Shopping and not finding exactly what I want/Friends asking: “can you make:...”

Gathering, collecting and trapping: I collect design references and ideas in my handy note-taking app (Evernote) while I surf the world wide web. I also have a box in which I collect odds and ends/trinkets...all types of design inspirations including things like: hang tags, buttons, feathers or fancy safety pins. My notes for ideas can be found on little scraps of paper throughout my studio, lists of ideas in my phone, and of course rough doodles in my sketchbook.

Sketch + Scan: I’ll fill my sketchbook with all the ideas that I feel most strongly about. Some ideas take one sketch and others take many versions but once I’m happy with them, I scan them into my computer. Once on screen, I’m able to refine the designs a little more and play with proportions. It’s important not to fiddle around too much as it’s very important for them to retain that hand-drawn quality.

Edit - edit - edit: Editing and filtering is a huge part of my process in every stage of design. If I don’t set limits, I’ll end up making everything that comes to mind. The designs are meant to mix and I’m constantly playing around with different groupings and pairings to make sure they all work together visually.

// Favorite quote?

Hmmm...I don’t particularly have a favorite...but here are two that I recently came across that I liked:

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So I go back to being me.” “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” – Brene Brown

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Good luck, friends!

The details: This giveaway will be running through until 11:59 PM PST on Monday, October 27th and is open to international readers! Remember, the more entries you complete, the better chance of winning!

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All photos via LINT and HONEY.

Please note: Domestic U.S. or Canada winner will receive a pillow cover and poly insert; international winner will receive the pillow cover only.

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