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Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? I came back from my birthday weekend retreat yesterday completely relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed, and recharged (the 4 "re's"). It was nothing short of aaamaazing to be out in the middle of nowhere with full intention and presence and feeling in the "right now". Every hike in the woods, every yoga class, every mediation session, every bite I ate, every word I read - just being present and thankful for that moment. I was a little nervous at first with no phone reception or wifi (but then I found out the wifi password...oops.), buuut...being unplugged from technology ended up being just what I needed. Healthy food, healthy lifestyle, just all around amazing, happy, welcoming people and friends. It makes me think twice about just moving out of the big city and opting for something in the country, peaceful and fresh. It's the simple things, right?

Anyway, now back to work! Today you'll find me over on BodhiLuxe with these printable recipe cards! (*Update: Sorry folks! The BodhiLuxe site has been taken down, but you can download these printable recipe cards below!) I thought about the fact that it's Fall (my favorite season, if I haven't already mentioned that a million times), and some of my favorite recipes are for this exact time of year (pumpkin pie, vegetarian chili, ...all things and what a great way to record these recipes?! Yeah, I'll be ditching my usual never-ending Google searches ("so what was that recipe we made last year that was sooo good?!") for good ol' pen and paper.

Download and print Recipe Cards:


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