Saveur blog awards 2015

Saveur blog awards, 2015, vote, home style design coverage Happy Monday guys and gals! I wanted to pop in and share a really pleasant and unexpected surprise I received in my email inbox the other day! Out of 50,000 submissions, this lil blog here was chosen as one of six finalists in the Home, Style, and Design category for the 2015 Saveur Blog Awards! Like, seriously whaaat?! Is this real life?! I'm just so honored and thankful to have even been nominated, and for someone(s) to even think that this blog is worthy enough to be a finalist is like, more than I can handle. This in itself is #winning!

Now comes the fun part: I need your votes!! There will be two winners for each category: a Readers' Choice winner and an Editors' Choice winner - so click on the voting button below or hop on over to Saveur and cast your votes for your favorite blog in each category! I really, really appreciate all of you and thank you!!!



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Voting begins on Monday, March 30 and ends on April 30.

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