Shiny and new


So....the blog got a bit of a facelift! It's been long overdue, and just in time for the New Year! I've been thinking about changing my blog to focus more on my lettering practice, for awhile now. As you know, my blog now mostly focuses on lettering anyway, so I figured it was time for the full dive in. It's one of my passions and I sure am thankful to have this platform as a way to express myself creatively!

Although my website initially started off as an inspiration, design, DIY, and "all things pretty" kind of blog, it has since shifted in the past few years towards a focus that made me the happiest: hand lettering. I'm thankful to say that through this channel, I have been able to find something I am passionate about, or rather - go back to something that I have always been passionate about since I was a little girl - and be able to share it with others.

Going forward, I am excited to expand on and now focus on hand lettering, brush lettering, and modern calligraphy as a business, learning experience, and blog - and hopefully a helpful resource for those of you looking for it. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with many other talented designers and businesses that keep me busy doing what I love.

I am also now super thrilled to announce that I am teaching a Watercolor Brush Lettering workshop here in Brooklyn, New York - so I invite you to join me if you are in the neighborhood! Check out my Workshops page to see any available and open upcoming classes!