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I came across this article recently about "why modern relationships are falling apart so easily today." Being that it's Valentine's day weekend, I thought it mildly appropriate. I love reading articles like this because it causes me to awaken, to become more present about living (and loving) better.

The term "wild heart" came to me when thinking about the way people love right now. My internal definition of "wild heart" was someone having a fearless, spirited heart, a heart that exists wholly without regret - and for some strange reason, a picture of a woman, hair blowing, standing at the top of a mountain overlooking beautiful terrain. And then I Googled the definition and received "A person who has survived a struggle. Someone who has been through large emotional pain but their heart is still loving and strong."

Now, I like merging the two definitions. We all know why relationships fail in our modern society and we all have been hurt, but let's not let it deter us from loving completely and being fearless and spirited (through our hearts) about who and where we are, right?!

For your reminder:

Wild heart.


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