Lately | 02.16

Fingers crossed that by the time this post goes live, you will be viewing it on a brand new website! I finally made the switch - and although I've been working on the site for the past few months, I'm pretty happy so far with the switch to Squarespace from Wordpress!

I'm happy to check "new website" off my list of New Years resolutions, but there is still much to do! Here are a few changes I anticipate coming to the blog this year:

>> More calligraphy. I've received so many emails asking me to teach more calligraphy basics and how-to's, so I'll be sharing more lettering, tips and tricks, and some of my favorite tools, pens, nibs, paper, websites, artists, etc.!

>> Health-related posts. Truthfully, one reason why this blog had taken a back-seat last year was because I was focusing on my health. I've encountered some food-related health issues the past few years and although it's been a very long process of allergy-testing, elimination diets, and detoxing, I've finally found that a gluten-free (mostly wheat-free) and dairy-free diet works best for me at this moment. Because this is a big part of my life, I thought that I'd share some things I've discovered over the past year that work for me. I've spoken to so many people who can relate when it comes to food sensitivities, allergies, or gut and digestion-related issues. So, I thought I'd dedicate a small portion of this blog to help others and bring awareness to food, health, and the importance of why what we put in our bodies matters for optimal health.

>> More freebies. I know how much you guys love all the free printables, so I anticipate getting more up on the blog. Plus, I already have so many great collaborations with free printables in store for the near future to share with you!

>> Newsletters. I didn't pay much attention to my newsletter until now. I assumed posts were actively and automatically being sent to emails when posted, but I never really followed up on that (shame on me). This time around, however, I'm connected with MailChimp, and excited to get newsletters out to all my subscribers! I may even include some exclusive "Subscriber-only" free printables this year, so be sure to sign up! *eek!* Check out the "Subscribe" section on my sidebar and enter with your email address. See you there!

>> Social Media. Ok this is far-fetched, seeing how terrible I really am at keeping up my social media. But I really want to get the hang of this thing! Step 1. More photos on Instagram. I'm not going full gung-ho style saying that I'll keep up with eeevery social media site, because I know I won't be able to commit. But Instagram, I can do. So I'll start off baby steppin'. See you there

I hope you're as excited as I am! Thank you for sticking around with me.

x j

I apologize in advance if links may be broken, especially connecting to my site (i.e. from other blogs/Pinterest/Social Media) - if you come across something not working, please don't hesitate to shoot me a quick email letting me know. I'd appreciate it!