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I pack my own lunch for work at least 3 times a week. And up until now, I was using those *eek* Ikea tupperware containers, so it's an understatement when I say how much I was on the lookout for a nice, sturdy lunch box that I could feel better eating my food out of.

I saw these cute Joseph Joseph silicone and BPA-free GoEat™ lunch box containers and fell in love...AND THEN I realized how functional they are! There is a bottom and top compartment with locking lid, and when not in use, the top compartment nestles nicely into the bottom compartment to save space. And because I'm trying to reduce my trash consumption, I also got their extra cute stainless steel GoEat™ cutlery set that fits snuggly into its own silicone spoon-shaped carry case when not in use.

Joseph Joseph is the epitome of functional, innovative, problem-solving products for your kitchen. I have an apartment that has a small kitchen, so I completely understand how important it is to have space-saving (and still beautiful!) kitchen products. One of my absolute favorites is their new Nest™ Opal-colored line: 9-piece nesting bowl set, measuring cup set, food storage container set, and utensil set and holder.

I've got my eyes on a few other things (yeah, I'm totally adulting and having a heyday!)...like this all-in-one fingerprint-proof Waste Separation & Recycling Unit (who knew I'd be so excited for a trash bin?!), Index™ color-coded chopping board set, Wash&Drain™ sink bowl with plug, and Hands On™ salad bowl with integrated servers (whoa!!).

Ahhhh, kitchen organization at it's finest. The OCD in me is very, very pleased!

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1. Hands On™ salad bowl with integrated servers | 2. Index™ color-coded chopping board set | 3. Nest™ Opal utensil set and holder | 4. Nest™ Opal food storage container set | 5. Totem 60 Waste Separation & Recycling Unit

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Top three photos taken by me.