Happy Easter | Don't buy a rabbit as an Easter gift

Hope your Easter weekend is full of (chocolate) bunny love and hugs!

Bunnies are one of my favorite animals (I have had two as a part of my family!), and although they make cute, funny, and extraordinary pets, I urge parents this Easter NOT to buy rabbits for their children. Rabbits require A LOT of work, as much as dogs and cats. They are intelligent, inquisitive, social in nature, and must be handled carefully. They deserve a life outside of a cage (but inside a home as members of the family!), which means you must bunny-proof your home (they like to chew on all cords and side boards). Rabbits are a life long commitment - they live for 7-10+ years. They are not "low-maintenance" and require a lot of attention, care, and cleaning. They eat a very special diet. Small children often mishandle rabbits, which can result in a broken back or legs. Children also often lose interest in bunnies after the novelty passes. So please, please, please reconsider buying a bunny for your child without researching what goes into caring for one.

And hey, if you are serious about getting a bunny and willing to take on the responsibility of caring for one and enjoying their amazing and funny companionship (for their life span!) - then please consider adopting one from a local shelter!

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