Favorites | Case Factory

I JUST switched to the iPhone 6 (finally), and the one great thing is that I can finally put to use this amazing case that I received from The Case Factory!! Other than that, I'm a little annoyed that the iPhone 7 is coming out soon which is the same size as the 5 (which I loved so much, and why I was hesitant to switch to the bigger 6). But oh well.

This calls for a moment of mantra: "Life is like the ebb and flow of the ocean's tide. Just go with it." OK all better. I'm stuck with the iPhone 7 for now, but I'll choose to see all the good in it (like this awesome case!)!

The Case Factory is based in Stockholm and offers hand crafted exclusive leather cases and covers for smart phones and tablets. Definitely recommend if you're shopping for your new iPhone 6 (and upcoming 7) cover. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Quilted Nappa Biscotto
2. Nappa Treccia Black
3. Borchie Nappa Light Taupe Gold

All photos by me for The Case Factory.