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Happy April Fools!

How was your March? I hope you can look back and feel pretty good about it. My reflection upon March would be summed up with the word, motivation. It was a pretty motivating month for me! Motivating in both action and thought. Also, super proud of myself for getting my butt back into the gym!

When it comes to motivation, my thoughts about it are: don't force it. I believe that you'll be put in a place where motivation will naturally occur within you, when the time is right and when things are meant to be happening. If you don't have the motivation, then don't force it. Some nights, I just want to chill out and watch a marathon of Buffy on Netflix. And hey, nothing wrong with that! Because motivation will come to me on the next or another night to tackle a large workload or workout for 2 hours at the gym. You need a good balance. Relax, be open to receiving the motivation, and let it flow to you when the time is right (and it often comes with momentum and the ball keeps rolling!). And then watch it all unfold for you.

We hope you love and put to good use these free April wallpaper downloads for all your techie stuff! Scroll below to download!




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