Summer Wedding Wear | House of Fraser

I've got wedding vibes on my mind lately, as I prep for my best friend's wedding in June! Yeah, yeah, it's wedding season, but I'm really not big into attending weddings. However, this one I can handle. It's a very low key, small, and casual wedding. Big plus: it's on a beach in Hawaii. Bigger plus: the bride is my bestie, so exception granted.

I've been shopping around online lately to gather an outfit to wear to the wedding...and ah! I can't decide. I found the perfect jumpsuit AND dress (both found on House of Fraser) - and both suitable for a beachy Hawaii wedding. I created these looks for inspiration, but now...What to do? What to do?!

P.S. Speaking of wedding season, if you have any to attend this summer and need a dress asap, check out House of Fraser - they've got a ton of beautiful dresses for every occasion!

Which look are you leaning towards - jumpsuit or dress?
Do you have any weddings to attend this summer?