For your phone | Joy with Lamy pens

I'm teaming up with Lamy pens today For Your Phone!

Made in Germany since 1966, Lamy pens have been based on the Bauhaus principle of "form follows function" which makes them both timeless and functional. I used both the Lamy JOY fountain pen and Special Edition Lamy Safari dark lilac fountain pen to create today's phone wallpaper calligraphy.

I love the smoothness of these pens and flow of beautiful royal blue ink (other ink cartridge colors are available as well!). They're easy to use as a beginner or advanced calligrapher. The 1.5 mm point nib of the Joy pen is perfect for that classic calligraphy "thick to thin" look, while the Safari pen has more of an even, "ball point" type flow. I love the matte texture of the Safari pen and flexible brass wire clips. And most of all, you cannot beat the easy-to-handle ergonomic grip design of all their products, which allows the pen to sit comfortably in your hand!

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Lighthearted and full of joy.

I love having this on my phone for daily reminder. It's something that I'm constantly reminding myself to do, be, have. Look at the world around you with child-like heart, joy and wonder - and you'll always be amazed. I love how even the smallest thing such as having the Lamy JOY pen fall into my hands - is a beautiful synchronicity to keep me on the path of joy.

Continue below to download your free lock screen wallpaper for your phone!

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