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May has arrived! May is always full of flowers and sunshine back home in Hawaii. Once it's the first of May, I can't help but go around with the "May day is lei day in Hawaii nei...." song stuck in my head and nobody here on the Mainland has a clue of what I'm talking about. Leis, of course, being flower necklaces!

So obviously, I'm missing the Hawaiian sun and flowers - especially on these cold, rainy, overcast first few days of May on the East coast (and me starting off the month with a bad head cold that I can't seem to shake grrrrrr). But spirits are high and anticipating warmer, sunnier weather soon!

Alright - reflection time. April was literally a blink for me, and then it was gone. But a lot happened in that short time! In terms of my personal and meditative life, I can sum up April with slight openness. Not yet full openness, but the intention is definitely there. Openness in the sense of opening my heart and senses. Opening myself up to new things and opportunities. Opening my head space and heart space to allow for energy to flow within and without me.

What are some of your self reflections upon the past month of April?

We hope you enjoy May's free wallpaper downloads! They are one of my favorites, and make all my techs super happy and cheerful!

You can also still download the free printable full 2016 calendar, if you haven't already!




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