Recommended docu-series | The Veg Effect

I admit, I was reeeally excited about this news when I was first notified about it, and I'm even more excited to share it. MorningStar Farms has just debuted it's first ever docu-series, The Veg Effect. It includes five episodes featuring five personal, inspiring stories of people changing their eating habits by including or supporting a more greener, vegetarian diet. It's was also interesting to learn that 80% of MorningStar Farms' consumers are NOT vegetarian but understand the importance of making simple swaps for meat products.

The docu-series is beautiful, motivational and inspiring. And for me, emotional. Watch the trailer and docu-series (out now!) Scroll below for links to where to watch and let me know what you think!

Featured are:

Stick (Atlanta, GA)
A vegan, hip-hop artist and co-founder of Dead Prez. He is the first to admit he wasn't always so healthy, but talks about the healing properties of a veggie-heavy diet.

Danielle Burgio (Los Angeles, CA)
A stuntwoman who proves that meat and potatoes aren’t the only things that make a body kick butt.

Baredu Ahmed (Washington, DC)
Driven by love, Baredu’s journey to a vegetarian life balances her ambitions, her relationship and her family’s deep-rooted traditions.

Trey Nichols & James Hotslag (San Diego, CA)
Two butchers who believe in the power of plants and care as much about the quality of meat they serve as they do the land it takes to raise it. They even close shop on Mondays to encourage "Meatless Mondays".

Dave Thibodeau (Durango, CO)
Hailing from Colorado, Dave mixes his love for Ska music, beer and comic books into an unlikely life as a vegetarian and conservationist. 

I've been a pescatarian (although mostly vegetarian) for a little over ten years now, and this series resonated with me so much. I've always respected other people's eating habits but have also always encouraged and advocated for healthier, meat-free options. It's never been about losing or cutting out the meat - the health, compassion and the environment are the most important factors.

Here are just a few benefits of moving towards a greener, more vegetarian diet (and remember, it doesn't mean you have to go full-vegetarian to make a big difference, too!):

  1. Reduce global warming
    Raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined!
  2. Avoid pollution of streams/rivers/oceans
    Animal waste, antibiotics and hormones, chemicals from tanneries, fertilizers, and the pesticides used to spray feed crops all enter the water supply - affecting everyone, every animal, and every thing on this planet.
  3. Reduce destruction of tropical rainforest, wildlife habitats, and endangered species
    70% of all agricultural land is used for rearing livestock. Livestock production is responsible for deforestation and soil erosion. A third of the land suitable for growing crops (in the whole world) is used to produce feed for livestock animals (that would otherwise be used for humans)!
  4. Reduce the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, and chemicals
    The amount of toxins and chemicals in our food is enough to keep me searching for more organic options. This reason alone should make anyone stop and analyze what they are putting in their bodies. Educate yourself on the chemicals and hormones being added to your food.
  5. Help ensure environmental sustainability for the future
    There are almost 7.5 BILLION people living on this planet. It's no secret that livestock and meat production use a TON of resources (water, crops, fuel, energy, name a few) while also causing water, air, and land pollution.

Who knew that one simple question: "What am I going to eat today?", makes such a big impact? I love love love that more and more people are waking up to the health and planet problems we face and actively making a difference for themselves and everything around them. Your health is your life, it is your life source and your connection to the planet.

Adopting a more vegetarian diet not only reduces your ecological footprint by supporting a more sustainable environment, but keep in mind that it shows compassion towards all things - humans, animals, the planet and our future!

Source: Read full article here (website and article is from my favorite all-vegetarian market in Hawaii, Down to Earth)

Watch the docu-series, out NOW! Available for free on:

The Veg Effect is a co-production with MorningStar Farms' agency, Red Tettemer O'Connel + Partners and Washington Square Films with director Alison Klayman, an independent award-winning filmmaker and journalist. MorningStar Farms partnered with FilmBuff for the docu-series release and distribution. More information can be found at