Easy + budget-friendly wedding planning | MarryMapp

It's wedding season (but isn't it always wedding season?!), and I thought I'd give all you future "I do-ers" a quick and super helpful resource when planning for your wedding! I've seen the trend grow more and more towards DIY weddings which I love, including most of my friends' weddings! And because more and more couples are paying for their own weddings, organization is KEY - wedding planning takes a lot of time, effort, love and money!

MarryMapp just launched their beta wedding planning app to the public, and I know you'll find it useful and helpful in planning your own wedding! (delete your complicated Excel spreadsheet NOW) ...Plus, it's FREE! It's everything you need in a wedding app: a personalized planning guide which allows you to plan your budget for every little detail, track your progress, gives you recommendations, reminders and alerts, and then allows you to share your progress on social media for all your friends and family (only if you want them to celebrate with you on your planning journey!)

Kristie and Timothy are the creators of MarryMapp - they're both developers, focused on the technology, with a passion for bringing great software to the world.

"We really believe in challenging the status quo in the wedding industry - we want to encourage couples to be smart about how they spend their money, planning for their forever, not just their tomorrow."

So, if you're planning your wedding soon, or plan on one day getting married (or heck, if you've already gotten married and need/want to lay out all your spent wedding expenses in a quick and easy way) then go sign up for MarryMapp!

Sign up for free on their website.

Note: MarryMapp for mobile/phone should be ready in July 2016, but check out their website, where you have access to all the app features, and provide feedback, if needed!

Photos by me for MarryMapp.
App screen capture and infographics by MarryMapp.