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Wow - it's been a crazy month so far! I spent the first two and a half weeks back home in Hawaii, which was refreshing and renewing! I really needed the time back home to reconnect with family, friends, and Hawaii's beautiful nature. And although it was a great vacation, it was also a very busy one for me. It's been a week back in New York City, and I'm still trying to get over my jet lag! For example, it's 3:00 AM and I'm still wide awake, working on this post! But then again, I'm also naturally a night owl and do all my creative work during the wee hours of 11 pm and 2 am, so blah.

I've literally been in need of a vacation from my vacation. I never really thought that was a thing until just now. It's been hard re-adjusting back to city life. I've been so off-balance, having to re-adjust to not only a different time zone, but different types of people, work, and lifestyle. I can literally feel the changes within my body trying to re-balance itself, and struggling. These are the times when my personal routine of "me-time" is so important: meditation, yoga stretches, inner reflection, reading, journal writing, and tea. It helps me to re-balance, re-center, and re-focus. People may think it's strange that I include "tea" in my personal balancing routine, but it really does the job! Having and focusing on a cup of tea places you in that present mode. It brings contemplative thoughts to the surface.

So it was perfect timing to be teaming up with Turvani tea! I was sent a sample package of Assam Golden Tips, Earl Grey, and Organic Pinhead Gunpowder. And although my daily routine is all about calming and balancing, I do love having tea that "picks-me-up" and offers a bit of zest when I need it most!

My favorite out of the bunch is the Organic Pinhead Gunpowder (Green Tea), but then again, I'm also completely biased towards green tea. I've had a lot of different green teas, and can say that this one is delicious! I love how the little pellets unfurl as it brews! It's refreshing, not too strong in flavor, and organic, which is always a plus in my book! Perfect for breaking the fast first thing in the morning.

The Earl Grey smells divine. It is blended lightly with bergamot oil which immediately pops with citrus flavor. I could not stop smelling it! The bergamot oil combined with the natural black tea brings all kinds of robust tastes and smells that immediately act as a get-happy-now drink! My thoughts wander to bright, sunny places with this one.

The Assam Golden Tips (Black Tea) are from the Assam region of India. I love this tea because it tastes so delicious with a splash of almond or coconut milk! It's the perfect 3:00 PM pick-me-up tea at work, and at the same time, even though it is black tea, it delivers a strangely calming effect. It's also the perfect tea to drink when you're curled up reading a good book.

Since it's warmer months, I'd recommend you enjoy these teas both hot or cold!

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All photos by me for Turvani.