Clean beauty | Leahlani Skincare

I have had THE most amazing skincare regimen the past month or so. I wanted to wait awhile to disclose it on the blog so that I could talk honestly about it after regular use. I first learned about Leahlani Skincare through my sweet friend, Lauren, who raved about it on her blog (she is one of my go-to persons when looking for the best natural beauty and health products!) Lauren was SO kind to sent me a package of Leahlani Skincare and my face literally went all heart eyes once that box was opened. In fact, every time I use one of these products, I go straight to my happy place. And how can you not? The entire Leahlani Skincare line is made with organic cold pressed oils, essential oils, and natural botanicals straight from my most favorite place in the entire world: Hawaii.

First up, obviously: packaging. Spot on. Frosted glass containers. Beautiful mermaid blue labels. Gold touches. And perfect use of script and sans serif font typography. All your packaging dreams come true. I am definitely re-using all the containers!

To begin, I'm a huge fan of oils for skincare. I make my own Coconut and Olive oil concoction as my face "wash" and before using Leahlani, I would use this same concoction for my nightly moisturizer. The Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir is amazing. It's got organic moringa and marula oils mixed with organic passionflower, chia seed, prickly pear seed, carrot seed, starflower, and vanilla bean oils. I love using it right before bed because the smells alone make me drift off to a happy meditation and sleep. The oils are so good at moisturizing my face overnight, and work great both in cold and warmer weather. My face is mixed (dry and oily) and this Evening Elixir has really helped to balance it out.

For the morning, I have the Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir. A lot of people may think it's weird to use oils as a daytime moisturizer, but I find that the skin absorbs this lighter oil quickly without leaving too much of a sheen, and keeps my face moisturized for a good part of the entire day! Again, even though it's an oil, I have used it in colder and warmer weather. You don't have to use very much (a little goes a long way!) The smell of this one is actually one of my favorites, because it reminds me of my childhood when I would sometimes receive these Hawaiian perfumes and lotions as gifts (this one reminds me of the Pikake fragrance). This light-weight moisturizer contains olive squalane and jojoba oils mixed with organic aloe, mangoseen, goji berry, passionfruit, kiwi seed, guava, and sunflower oils. As delicious as it sounds!

Lastly, the superfood Mermaid Mask! I think Leahlani created this just so that we can all feel like real mermaids! It actually takes me right back to Hawaii when I use it. The smells remind me of the ocean and beach rocks and soil of home. Ingredients include Hawaiian raw honey, spirulina, chlorella, green clay, sea clay, algae, and various essential oils. It's calming, soothing, cleansing, and purifying. Perfect for a girls night in!

All photos by me.