01. Free For You | Endless numbered days

Anyone remember the 2004 Iron & Wine album "Our Endless Numbered Days"? Hands down one of my favorite albums to date. Granted, I'm kind of stuck in the 90's and 00's, so most (if not all) of my favorite albums are from those (amazing) years.

I remember pondering the album title "Our endless numbered days..." - was it like, our days are numbered but they feel endless? It wasn't until recently when this album popped back up into my mind and then the album title would just run through my thoughts often, that I started thinking about it more. Coming from a more spiritual-minded perspective over 10 years later, I saw meaning in the oxymoron - that in our reality, our days are numbered, yes - but in the broader perspective, there is no such thing as time, but just the opposite, that everything is endless.

Free for you, a phone and computer screen download for you to ponder the mysteries of life as well....