Vibes | 11:11 + Supermoon


I'm writing this post because today is 11/11. Numbers carry energy, frequency and vibration. They are ways the Universe speaks to you, and are, essentially, building blocks of this Universe. What perfect timing following this exhausting election! 11 is one of the most powerful numbers. It is a "master" number. It is the number that I personally see all the time. I always catch the clock at 11:11 or 11:01 or forth. 11:11 is a gateway to higher consciousness, awareness and awakening. When you see these numbers often, it is a reminder for you to be aware of your thoughts - what you are thinking is what you are manifesting, so it is a reminder for you to align your thoughts with your intentions.

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2017 Printable Calendar + Tea Towel / Free download!

Seriously though, where did 2016 go?!?

It's that time of year again - Audrey (This Little Street) and I have created 2017's FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR for you to download! This year, however, we're also super excited to introduce a fun and practical tea towel that we created together and is for sale over on Roostery!

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2017 Calendar Tea Towel | Spoonflower

As promised from my last post, I'm baaaaack! I surely did not anticipate my absence to be so long, but I can't lie: it felt really, really good. A few things that happened: got some much needed rest, focused on my online shop, looked for a new apartment, moved into a new apartment, did lots of shopping for things to fill new apartment (still continuing), spent time outdoors enjoying the summer, and just lived life (without having to worry about social media and blog posts) that's where I've been the past few months. What have you been up to?!

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Free desktop and phone wallpaper | July happy tech

Ah, hello, July!! I'm in a pretty good mood because as this post goes out, I'm strictly in vacay-mode (again). I LOVE vacation (yeah, well who doesn't). I'll be in Burlington, Vermont for a long July 4th weekend, enjoying small town life, biking trips, and everything that involves relaxing. I'll try to be better at keeping up with my travels on Snapchat (@JessicaKeala), Facebook and Instagram!

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